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Welcome to Desert Mesa Elementary, home of the Bobcats. We are located in Yuma, Arizona between Gila Ridge High School and Arizona Western College. We wear our maroon and gray with pride. We are proud to be a pre-K through fifth grade school, with a school rating of a B from the Arizona Department of Education.

We are happy to provide a wonderful education environment for your children. Desert Mesa is safe and friendly, with just over 750 students enrolled. We encourage learning and exploration. We take great responsibility in educating your children and developing their talents to high standards.

Desert Mesa is involved in two outstanding programs to enhance student learning. We are a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports school. A major part of this project is making students aware of the behaviors we expect in various areas of the campus.

We also endorse being healthy. Our students are involved in the Feeling Good Mileage Club. Students track their progress in miles with earning "feet" to go on their necklaces. They receive one "foot" for every five miles they have walked. We also encourage parents, siblings, and friends to walk.

Please spend a few moments browsing this site to stay updated about happenings at the school, the Helpful Links, News and Events, and other Items of Interest. Here you will find all that you need, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us. Come back often!

A Message From our Principal
E. M. Baumgarner

Dear Parents,

We, the staff of Desert Mesa Elementary, have a goal to provide effective instruction for each child at his or her appropriate instructional level. We take great care in choosing and providing instruction and materials that will enable your child to achieve their goals.

We believe that all children can and will learn when presented with direct effective instruction at the appropriate level. We encourage them to achieve their potential in a student-centered challenging atmosphere.

Our school has a goal of 100% of our students on grade level or above in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. This is an awesome task. We cannot do it alone. We must work together. The staff of Desert Mesa Elementary is composed of highly qualified professional teachers who have the best interest of your children in mind and heart. The other half of your child’s learning support team is you, the parents. We need to work together to provide the best school year possible.


E. M. Baumgarner

E. M. Baumgarner, Principal

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